Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 1 Report: Some Wins & Some Misses

This first week of January has been challenging. Honestly...getting back into our work & school routine after being off for Christmas was tough. Here is a recap:

  • Having meals planned and many times prepared already was wonderful. I didn't worry once about what we were going to eat.
  • I exercised nearly every day. I typically have a difficult time fitting this in, but with more time in the evenings, I was able to exercise on 5 days. 
  • Evenings were relaxing. I'm guessing this is due to the fore-mentioned items. We had time to sit on the couch, read and play in the evenings. I loved it!

  • All weekend I chased the urgent: URRG. I was disappointed with how busy the weekend was (possibly due to the relaxing weeknights??). Errands to run on Saturday and work to be done at home most of the day Sunday.
  • Too many commitments for the coming week: Part of my busyness on Sunday was preparation for the coming week. I begin teaching a Jr. Achievement class, plus our church Wednesday school for my 4 year old's class this week, so I prepped for those. I also belong to a rubber-stamping club that meets this coming Friday night, and I needed to prepare. I really need to re-evaluate my commitments.
  • Edgy: I was not relaxed and felt really edgy all weekend. 
This recap gives me some good food for thought.

I made a good, intentional decision to go sledding with my family this afternoon...although I was tempted to stay home and continue to chase the urgent things to be done. I am still smiling as I look at the sledding photos on my camera.

Onto week 2!

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